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Mr. Met and Mayor Mike Bloomberg engage in incredibly awkard high-fives (video)

It was formally announced on Wednesday that the New York Mets will host the 2013 edition of the MLB All-Star Game at their home ballpark, Citi Field. And, of course, this required a bunch of pomp and circumstance, including a press conference featuring various dignitaries, including New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and…Mr. Met, who Mayor Bloomberg referred to as “Citi Field’s most beloved resident.” I guess it’s hard to argue with that characterization, so I’ll let it go.

What I won’t let go, however, is how Bloomberg and Mr. Met engaged in not one, but two incredibly awkward high-fives. The first one was bad enough, seeing an esteemed politician participating in the lowest form of male primate ritual with a baseball-headed mascot, but then when the photographers insisted that they do it again for a photo-op, it was that much more awkward. Even Bloomberg agreed, saying, “Who knew. It’s fake. That’s okay.” Sigh.

And how about Zombie Bud Selig? Could he look less overjoyed? Perhaps he’s contemplating how delicious Mr. Met’s meaty brains would taste and is doing everything in his power to resist the temptation to sink his teeth into the mascot’s over-sized head.

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