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‘Call Me Brady’ is the feel good parody hit of the summer about Tom Brady (video)

Sure, it might be the only parody song about New England Patriots quarterback extraordinaire,Tom Brady, that comes out this summer, but chances are pretty good there could be another one or two, depending on whether or not some motivated parody songwriter chooses to pen an ode to Tommy’s new hairstyle. It could happen.

I’ll give the kid credit. As far as parody songs developed out of a song by some Canadian gal named Carly Rae Jepsen that I’ve never heard the original version of — nor likely will — hey, I kick it old school, kids. How about a parody about something in the world of sport based on a song by Jim Croce? “Bad Bad Cleveland Browns, baddest team in the whole damn town” — hey, that was off the cuff, man, give me a break.

Anyhoo, a fine job by this young chap. He is about to enjoy his 15 minutes of internet infamy courtesy of his singing efforts, I reckon. Not a bad gig if you can get it.