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Watch a mountain biker eat dirt over and over before nailing double back flip (vid)

Mountain biking is rarely covered here at the Sportess and while it’s not because I don’t admire the athleticism, endurance and skill of those who engage in the activity. It’s just that there are rarely compelling enough reasons to do so. But when a video like this one comes along, you’re darn tootin’ I’ll throw it up on the site for viewing.

In it, pro freeride mountain biking extraordinaire Paul Basagoitia tries and tries (and tries again) to land a double back flip on his bike. And he’s not attempting to accomplish this impressive feat on some sanitized, indoor track, or even on even pavement, for that matter. Instead, Basagoitia is taking his cracks (and a lot of lumps) on some seriously gnarly mountainous terrain.

Watch as he eats dirt while making repeated efforts to nail the double back flip. Spoiler alert: he ultimately lands one, and it’s pretty sweet.

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