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Schefter on Rex Ryan’s weight loss: ‘That’s skipping a lot of god damn snacks’ (audio)

Ha freaking ha. And the best part of ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter’s semi-profane gaffe when he said “god damn” on ESPN’s airwaves? It was during a broadcast of Mike & Mike. Gold.

Schefter was appearing on Mike & Mike to discuss the massive amount of weight New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has lost since undergoing lap band surgery about a year ago, about 90 pounds to put a number on it.

While explaining how a man like Rex Ryan could drop that much weight in such a short amount of time — the lap band surgery notwithstanding — Schefter dropped this bomb on Golic and Greenie: “That’s skipping a lot of goddamn snacks, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Surprisingly, Schefter’s working blue was missed by the person in charge of monitoring the Mike & Mike radio broadcasts just in case a guest were to drop a cuss word and I can only imagine the horror of the hosts, particularly Mike Goldberg, who you just know nearly crapped his pants when he heard such savage vulgarity. That guy is wound pretty tight, man, and he comes across as kind of a sissy — a self-admitted one at that — who makes no bones about it.

Expect a sincere apology from Schefter for such callous use of foul language imminently. That’s how they roll at tWWL.

[H/T Game On!]