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Rangers fan creates, brings creepy Ron Washington puppet to ballpark (video)

Just when you thought bringing a glove to a major league ballpark was about the least masculine thing a man could do, along comes this guy, who throws down the gauntlet, challenging every adult male baseball fan to come up with a more unmanly thing to tote along to baseball game.

That’s right, folks, this Texas Rangers fan brings a homemade Ron Washington puppet to Rangers home games at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He states in the brief interview that it took him two weeks to create Creepy Ron Washington Puppet and while I question his motives for taking it to games, I’ll give him some credit for his handiwork. It is a reasonable “puppetized” version of the Rangers skipper. Mister Gippetto himself probably would praise this guy for his mastery of puppetry construction. Or whatever you would call it.

The puppetmaster then demonstrates his interpretation of Washington’s mannerisms, but if you ask me, those frenetic movements look less like how the real Ron Washington acts and much more like some kind of mating ritual dance that would prove effective if Creepy Ron Washington Puppet ever decided he wanted to seduce Madame of Solid Gold fame.

And just to be clear, the artistry of the finished product aside, there is no way in hell I would ever allow that thing to be in the same room where I sleep. Sure, admitting that might make me appear to be less of a man, but it would ultimately make me a much more rested one.

[H/T Big League Stew]