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Letter spacing on jersey highlights how Charlie Furbush’s surname is hilarious (pic)

Most people’s sense of humor probably has evolved since the 6th grade, but many still have managed to remember the basic concepts related to what the average precocious preteen boy find amusing. With that in mind, I would be hard-pressed to argue that most folks have or would let out a chuckle or two upon hearing or seeing Seattle Mariners pitcher Charlie Furbush’s last name. It’s Furbush, for crying out loud. The jokes write themselves.

This is what makes the letter spacing on Furbush’s jersey so hilariously unfortunate. The wider distance between the “R” and the “B” in Furbush really accentuates the enormous amount of implied humor of this poor guy’s name. Might I suggest to the individual on the Seattle Mariners staff that sews on the letters to the players’ jerseys this: tighten up the spacing in the letters so they are more evenly distributed, at least on Furbush’s jersey. Because I don’t have to tell any of you out there that when there’s too much space between the fur and the bush the results can be quite off-putting. Just saying.

[image via SportsGrid]