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The Iron Sheik uses Twitter to tastefully articulate his thoughts on Jose Canseco

There you go. Ultimately, the Iron Sheik’s tweet about everybody’s favorite Twitter madman, Jose Canseco, satisfies all the criteria of a typical online commentary – be it on Twitter or in bizarre rants in videos uploaded to YouTube — from the former pro wrestler:

a) some level of profanity (however in this case, it’s minor)
b) patently blunt; and
c) contains some varying degree of racism, be it subtle or overt

Well executed, Iron Sheik. You really put Jose Canseco in his place with that scathing piece of commentary. Yet, I am ashamed to admit that it did elicit a chuckle from me when I first read it. Does that make me a horrible person? Yeah, it probably does. But certainly no worse than the Iron Sheik’s former tag-team partner, Nikolai Volkoff, I’ll tell you that much. What a pinko commie that guy was.