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So a horse and a giraffe go to a Nationals-Reds game… (photos)

While the title above sounds more like a lame opening to a silly joke, it was actually literally the case during the Cincinnati Reds-Washington Nationals game on Sunday afternoon.

Well, the two aforementioned creatures weren’t technically a horse and giraffe but instead were two fans wearing horse and giraffe heads, which begs the question: would the ensuing joke have the potential to be more or less funny if instead of “So a horse and a giraffe go to a Nationals baseball game” the joke’s lead-in was “So two people wearing horse and giraffe heads go to a Nationals baseball game”? Tough call. I do know, however, of one individual who appreciates these guys’ choice of head wear.

Although it’s worth mentioning that the horse and giraffe heads were not a real horse head and a real giraffe heads. That would be a particularly grisly — and dreadfully inappropriate — sight.

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