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Russell ‘Steve Urkel’ Westbrook wears goofy ensemble to post-game presser (pic)

"Did I do that???"

Point guard Russell Westbrook turned in a phenomenal performance in Game 1 of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Western Conference Semifinals series against the Los Angeles Lakers, recording 27 points while dishing out 9 assists and pulling down 7 rebounds as the Thunder throttled the Lakers 119-90. What makes his impressive stat line all the more remarkable is the fact that Westbrook accomplished all that in 27:25 after sitting out the entire 4th quarter (along with teammate Kevin Durant).

But as you can see above, a dominant game on the hardwood doesn’t necessarily translate to a stylish performance at the post-game press conference, as evidenced by the crazy getup Westbrook chose to wear for his meeting with the media. There’s a whole bunch of wrong going on with that outfit, from the bizarre polo shirt with fishing lures on it to the red — yet profoundly nerdy — glasses.

I know, I know, Russell probably chose to wear what he’s wearing with a nod to irony, something the hipster set likes to do to illustrate just how much cooler they are than everybody else. But nevertheless, that is one atrocious ensemble, although I give I will give him credit for having the self-confidence to wear it.

[H/T The Bill Walton Trip]