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No love for Pip? Guy gets back tattoos of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman (pic)

Man, talk about the ultimate snub.

As you can see above, some guy — who apparently loves and is immensely devoted the ‘9os era Chicago Bulls squads — felt that his massive tattoo homage to the Bulls dynasty inked into his back (that obviously stars Michael Jordan) should not feature MJ’s right-hand man/sidekick for all those championships, Scottie Pippen, but instead “The Worm” a/k/a Dennis Rodman. Interesting choice.

On the other hand, instead of it being a slight to Pippen, maybe the reason that perhaps best second fiddle in the history of the NBA was not included in the tattoo was for as simple of a reason as the guy just ran out of money and is planning on eventually getting Pippen inked on the left side of his back as soon as he rounds up some more cash. That tattoo couldn’t have come cheap. All I know is that if it were me and I was looking to round out my Chicago Bulls-themed back tattoo homage, I’d go with Bill Wennington, but that’s just me.

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