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Girl who took Tim Tebow cutout to prom receives autographed Tebow jersey (pic)

Earlier this month, Rachel Bird’s world got turned upside-down due to the notoriety she received when the story of how she jokingly had a cardboard cutout of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow serve as her escort to her prom went all berserker on the internet.

The coverage of the unorthodox and humorous response she had when she never heard back from Tebow after asking him to be her prom date on Twitter generated a lot of attention for the Iowa high schooler, and said coverage happened to be noticed by FRS, a sports drink company that just so happens to have Tim Tebow as an endorser of one of its products.

Via the Des Moines Register (by way of Off the Bench):

Also watching the Twitter feed was FRS, an energy drink company Tebow endorses. The company sent an email to the Register earlier this month, saying if it got a Twitter message from Bird, it would send her a signed jersey. The Register forwarded the email to Bird. She tweeted FRS. On Friday, a signed Tebow jersey โ€” along with a package of FRS goodies โ€” arrived for Rachel.

Photo of Miss Bird showing off her autographed jersey follows.

Via @BabieBird101:

Bird said that she was “so surprised,โ€ and added that she “never really thought anything would come ofโ€ taking a cardboard cutout of Tim Tebow to the prom.

I suppose you could say that all’s well that ends well: Rachel Bird received an autographed jersey (along with her 15 minutes of fame) and FRS managed to co-opt a cute story and turn it into a nifty bit of publicity.

Although one tiny issue remains: Bird has yet to hear from the real Tim Tebow. What gives, man? I guess Tim Tebow is too “New York” now and doesn’t have time for regular people. You know, the kind of normal, salt-of-the-earth folks who take cardboard cutouts of him to their prom. And that’s just a crying shame.