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Gerald Laird delivers sacrifice bunt, trips, falls down for no reason (Animated GIF)

Detroit Tigers catcher Gerald Laird has no problem doing the little things — the intangibles, if you will – that a player can do to contribute to his team’s efforts to win a baseball game. For instance, delivering a sacrifice bunt at an opportune moment, as he did during the 5th inning of the Tigers-White Sox game on Monday night. On the other hand, asking Laird to make his way back to the dugout after delivering said sacrifice bunt without tripping over the first base line and hilariously tumbling to the ground afterward might be a bit too much to ask.

Laird, seemingly for no apparent reason other than perhaps extreme clumsiness, falls down in a heap of embarrassment after crossing first base. But he does receive some style points for how he rolls out of his fall, hops up immediately and proceeds to demonstrate a textbook gymnastics-esque dismount. Well done.

Additional animated GIF goodness follows.

Sadly, for all his efforts — fundamental baseball-related, comedic and otherwise — Laird’s sacrifice bunt did not contribute much to the Tigers’ offense, as the team failed to score in the fifth inning and went on to lose to the White Sox by a score of 7-5. But we’ll always have the animated GIF above and the one below to remind us just how amusing something as benign as a sacrifice bunt can be…as long as it involves a klutzy catcher falling down and going boom.

Ha. Gold.

[H/T Detroit4Lyfe]