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Jimmy Clausen has bad haircut experience at Supercuts, tweets about it

Carolina Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen needed a haircut on Thursday. And like any other regular guy who pulls in a decent amount of cash for the job they do (or don’t do), he elected to go to a Supercuts in the Charlotte area. What followed after he sat down in the chair — at least according to Clausen — was a terrible haircut experience.

As you can see from the above tweet, Clausen was unimpressed — you could say he was tremendously disappointed — in the quality of service he received at Supercuts. But what makes this rather benign tweet so amusing is the aftermath and how it caught fire on Twitter and resulted in some humorous back and forth between Clausen, his Twitter followers and friends and two prominent, nationwide hair salon chains.

You  might be asking yourself, “Why would an NFL quarterback — even a backup NFL quarterback — choose to go to a run-of-the-mill haircut chain to get his haircut?” Why not a fancy-schmancy salon?” Clausen explained, following an inquiry from fellow Notre Dame quarterbacking alum Brady Quinn:

Acceptable response. Not enough can be said about the convenience of being able to saunter on it to a Supercuts for quick trim.

But that wasn’t a sufficient enough explanation for this guy:

Indeed. Nothing wrong with giving a business with a respectable nationwide reputation for providing at the very least competent service, right? Although sometimes, things just don’t work out, but that didn’t prevent Clausen from having a nice chuckle about the exchanges he was engaging in on Twitter and the absurdity of it all.

Even the Carolina Panthers media relations folks got in on the ribbing:

Realizing they could help out Clausen and his unhappiness with his bad haircut and at the same time generate a bit of publicity for their chain, Great Clips swooped in and seized the moment:

But that didn’t stop Supercuts in its attempts to rectify the situation on its own terms:

So, there you have it. Quite a lot of stuff to occur simply as a consequence of one crappy haircut, wouldn’t you say?

But my question is, did Supercuts follow Clausen on Twitter? Was the chain able to make things right with Clausen or is it more likely that Clausen has had enough of Supercuts after only one visit and the next time he needs a quick haircut, he’s going to turn to Great Clips instead? Although a stern warning should be issued to any chain, trendy independent salon, barber, what have you, regarding what their stylists have to work with should Jimmy Clausen sit down in their chair:

Yeah, that head of hair is a tough starting-off point, even for the most skilled stylist. For sure.