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We have perhaps our first Redskins/RG3 tattoo, folks (photo)

Courtesy of Dan Steinberg over at D.C. Sports Bog comes this photo of what at the very least likely the first photo to emerge online of a Washington Redskins fan who has gone ahead and got himself some Robert Griffin III tattoo goodness etched into his skin. Obviously, this fellow believes that the team has at long last struck quarterbacking gold after so many misses and that RG3 will become the savior of the long-suffering Redskins organization, a distinct possibility.

As far as tattoos devoted to a professional athlete — which are by default a questionable move at best — this one isn’t too bad. First off, it’s not too bizarre, like the many inked homages to Tim Tebow that surfaced on the interwebs during the height of Tebowmania.

Further, it’s a nice-looking tattoo: simple and understated. And clearly done by a skilled tattoo artist, which could not be said for this guy’s horrendous Bubba Watson tattoo. (shudders)

Expect many tattoos devoted to the new Redskins quarterback to surface as we get closer to training camp and the ramp-up to Robert Griffin III’s official debut during Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season. Hopefully, some bozo will make a terrible mistake and get some ridiculous RG3-themed tattoo in the near future. You know, so we can mock and ridicule him. Because in the above case, there’s not much that deserves ripping. Except for the fact it’s a tattoo based upon the potential of an unproven NFL quarterback. Well, that and the fact that it’s a sports-themed tattoo to begin with, which as mentioned above, dances perilously close to Bad Idea Tattoos from the get-go.