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Lady sitting in first row cannot believe Devils coach is blocking her view (video)

The Philadelphia Flyers were eliminated by the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night in front of the hometown crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, losing Game 5 by a score of 3-1 and the series by a lopsided 4 games to 1. Already down and facing elimination and losing 3-1 late in the third period, one Flyers fan sitting behind the New Jersey bench cannot believe Devils head coach Peter DeBoer had the audacity to, you know, stand in the customary position for a hockey coach, behind the bench, and coach his team. The nerve of that guy!

Utilizing my lip-reading skills, it appears the irate — and completely off-base and off her rocker — fan is muttering the words, “MOVE! Really? That’s so rude!! That’s really rude!!” or something along those lines.

Video follows.

To be fair, I imagine as an ardent Flyers fan, this woman was in a surly mood as she watched her team’s playoff run slowly slipping away. Anyone who knows anything about attending a hockey game should understand that’s part of having front row seats behind the bench. Further, what did she expect DeBoeoer to do? Crouch so she could better see the action? Move down a bit and obstruct a less vocal and less unhinged individual a few seats down from her? What a piece of work this lady is. I’d love to see her over-the-top reaction if someone really tall sat in front of her in a movie theater.

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