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Kobe Bryant’s game-worn face mask sells for $67,100 on eBay

Following 129 total bids after an initial $250 opener, the face mask Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant wore for 11 games after his nose was broken by the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade during the 2012 NBA All-Star Game was sold on eBay for the whopping amount of $67,100. And that price doesn’t even include the $15 shipping charge. That’s how they get you.

All proceeds from the online auction will benefit the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation, an organization that is “dedicated to improving the lives of youth and families in need through educational and cultural enrichment opportunities, community programs and issues advocacy” whose current focus is on youth homelessness in Los Angeles. So, at least it’s nice to know that the $67K somebody dropped to become the proud owner of the face mask is headed to a good cause, because even Kobe himself was interested to see “if anybody’s dumb enough to buy that sweaty mask.” Turns out there were plenty of people willing to drop a large chunk of change to procure a rather unique piece of basketball history.

The identity of the individual who purchased Kobe’s face mask is not revealed on eBay, although I imagine he or she might emerge at some point. But in the interim, just for speculative purposes only, is it possible that the person who shelled out $67,100 for the face mask could be this guy? Anything’s possible.

[H/T Game On!]