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Kerry Wood irked by question about how he threw hat, glove into stands (vids)

While Chicago Cubs reliever Kerry Wood’s outing Tuesday night was particularly brutal (1.0 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 2 W) while taking the loss in the Atlanta Braves’ dispatching of the Cubbies by a score of 3-1, his on-field — and later, his off-field in the clubhouse — antics following his abysmal performance is what has had folks talking.

After picking off Brian McCann at 2nd to mercifully end the top of the 8th inning, Wood sulked off the diamond. But before he made his way down the steps, Wood threw his glove into the stands. And after that, he completed his coup de toss with a throw of his hat. Some mighty fine souvenirs for a couple of lucky Cubs fans, to be sure, but not the most mature way to handle a difficult night.

But Wood’s night of embarrassment did not end there. Following the game, an intrepid reporter asked a question about the pitcher’s display of immaturity, which elicited an incredulous response from Wood.

Video follows.

Via CSN Chicago:

Said Wood: “Irrelevant, dude, and why the (bleep) would you even bring that up? You guys have a good night.”

Yes, irrelevant. A normal, run-of-the-mill, not odd-at-all reaction to a terrible outing. In fact, a guy throwing his hat and glove into the stands as he storms off the field happens so much I’m amazed it isn’t a skills competition at the All-Star Game. It could be called the “Hat and Glove Toss Derby” or something like that.

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