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Austrian newspaper headline about Josh Hamilton refers to him as ‘Ex-Junkie’ (pic)

Ouch. That’s cold-blooded, man.

And while it’s interesting to note that even Austrian newspapers are reporting on Josh Hamilton’s incredible evening on Tuesday when the Rangers slugger smacked out 4 homers, knocked in 8 RBI during a 5-5 night that saw Hamilton accumulate 18 total bases (an American League record) as the Rangers thrashed the Orioles 10-3, to take the opportunity to disparage Hamilton and discuss his sordid past when reporting on an occasion when he should instead be celebrated for achieving such a remarkable accomplishment is tacky at best, disgraceful at worst.

Although, to be fair, perhaps the meaning of the headline is somehow lost in translation. Maybe “Junkie” has an entirely different meaning in German, like “strong as a garbage hauler” or “as crafty as a junk collector” or something. Or maybe, just maybe, the headline writer, clearly uninformed regarding the many facets of American pop culture, erroneously surmised that Hamilton might have been a former member of the Canadian alternative band the Cowboy Junkies. You know, all those German-speaking people over there listen to is Kraftwerk.

Alright, alright. I’ll concede it: this was simply a mean-spirited and ill-timed jab at Josh Hamilton. And from the same country that gave the world Arnold Schwarzenegger and the von Trapp family to boot. Never saw this kind of thing coming from that nation.

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