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Archbishop of New York joins Twitter, uses first tweet to crack Tim Tebow joke

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, who is the tenth and current Archbishop of New York, joined Twitter early Tuesday evening and instead of utilizing his first tweet to praise God or impart ecclesiastical wisdom upon the Twitterverse, opted instead to crack a joke in the name of Tim Tebow, the New York Jets quarterback who some may argue might be the only person in New York who has the ear of God more readily than the Cardinal himself.

His tweet, “Hey everybody. It’s Timothy Cardinal Tebow. I mean Dolan. I’m on Twitter. And I’m live on Town Hall on SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel 129” was quite clever, not only due to the fact he took Tebow’s name in vein but that he also managed to plug his Sirius XM show within the 140-character limit. Well played, Cardinal. This guy already knows what he’s doing, I’ll tell you that. Although such a high-ranking member of the clergy certainly does beg the question, WWJT (What Would Jesus Tweet)? Also, while I commend the Cardinal for becoming involved in social media and the many ways it can help him connect with Catholics, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Archbishop Dolan changed his avatar to Buddy Christ? You know, to show not only that he’s one savvy social media Archbishop, but that he’s a hip one as well?

All that aside, there is, however, there is an even more pressing question: if Tebow happened upon it, would he find humor in the Cardinal’s tweet? Allow me to answer that with this: Is the Pope Catholic?

And to needlessly answer that rhetorical question, yes, yes he is. Although Tebow is not. Something to think about, people.

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