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Kate Upton attends Knicks-Heat game at the Garden, people notice (pics/video)

Supermodel Kate Upton capped off an impressive week in the spotlight on Thursday night when she attended Game 3 of the New York Knicks-Miami Heat quarterfinal playoff series at Madison Square Garden. And shockingly, people noticed her presence — including NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was spotted chatting up Miss Upton (below) — as media types showered her with attention courtesy of  their cameras’ flash bulbs and at least one courtside interview courtesy of Knicks reporter Jill Martin.

Video and photos follow.

The banter between Martin and Upton is much what you would expect: Martin asking the stunning beauty about her Twitter fame and how guys propose to her on social media (Kate’s response: “…more of like asking me out on a date, I think. They gotta meet me before they marry me,” to which Martin notes, “I don’t know about that.” — touchĂ©) and providing Upton with the forum to say how great her fans are and her “Take A Supermodel to Work Day” video with the Oklahoma City Thunder for SkullCandy.

You could say Miss Upton had quite the whirlwind of a week. Between the Knicks game, the Thunder video and her jaw-dropping “Cat Daddy” video and the controversy that was spawned because of it, Upton established a stranglehold on the interwebs and it appears to have no intention of letting it go. Not that we’d have it any other way.

Oh, and the Knicks lost to the Heat 87-70 and are now down three games to none and now are perilously close to getting swept out of the playoffs. Too bad.

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