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So, it looks like Troy Aikman might have a young, blonde, special lady friend (video)

TMZ Army was out on the prowl on Sunset Boulevard on Monday night when they happened upon ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current FOX NFL color guy Troy Aikman standing outside Boa.

Aikman, who was divorced from his wife Rhonda in January 2011 after 10 years of marriage, did not seem very pleased with TMZ’s intrusion, but ultimately handled the entire situation with coolness and class, even if it appeared there were about a million other places he’d rather be at that moment.

While simply being spotted next to a pretty, blonde young lady certainly does not mean that this pretty, blonde young lady is Aikman’s new special lady friend, but appearances are appearances, so let’s leave it at Troy Aikman just so happened to be standing next to a girl outside a restaurant when he was accosted by TMZ photogs.

You know, when it’s put that way, it really makes this story much less interesting. But hey, did you notice she was young, blonde and pretty?

UPDATE: According to the fine folks at Busted Coverage, said young, blonde and pretty lady friend is Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Abigail Klein.