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Derrick Rose could have used Sad Bulls Fan in his solitary luxury suite (pic)

Perhaps you have seen this melancholy photo of injured Chicago point guard Derrick Rose sitting dejectedly, all by his lonesome, in a luxury suite in United Center taking in Game 2 of the Bulls-Hawks playoff series. A heartbreaking image, to be sure, especially for Bulls fans, even more so in light of the outcome of the game, which Chicago lost 109-92, evening up the series.

Which is why it’s a shame that somehow wheels weren’t set in motion for this dejected-looking Bulls fan — horns and all, defiant in his Derrick Rose jersey — to be invited up to the luxury suite to pass the time with Rose. I’m sure they would have had a lot to talk about. And if not, they could at least have sat in silence, sharing a moment or two, united in their respective solitude.

Sad Bulls Fan + Derrick Rose = Misery Loves Company. Yeah.