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Wait, what decade is this? Duran Duran to headline London Olympics concert

Break out your old cassette tapes — if you still have them — because you may need to refer them if you want to have a good handle on the catalog of recently announced headliners for the London Olympics kickoff concert.

That’s right, Duran Duran, those heroes of 1980s Britpop,  will be the headline act of a concert that will take place on the same day as Opening Ceremonies — July 27 —  for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Said Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon regarding the momentous and esteemed honor:

“We have been invited to represent England for this show, and we couldn’t be more proud. Seeing the torch being lit on the big screens before hitting the stage in this iconic location will be a great experience … We simply can’t wait.”

What Le Bon is referring to is the fact that the bands chosen to perform at the show were selected in order to represent each part of the United Kingdom: Duran Duran is England’s representative, Paolo Nutini for Scotland, Stereophonics representing Wales and Snow Patrol flying the musical flag for Northern Ireland. Sounds like a grand time.

Le Bon added that “Performing to so many people on the most exciting day in sport will be one of the highlights of the last decade for us,” which is all well and good, but not to split hairs, really isn’t saying much, given that it’s not like they have been exactly making tremendous inroads into the contemporary pop world over the last ten years. But hey, let them have their moment in the sun. Making fun of ’80s bands whose best days are behind them is kind of a knee-jerk reaction for me. You could refer to it as “The Reflex” (flex flex flex flex flex).

Yep, I went there. What’s that? You don’t appreciate my clever — but dated — references? What’s wrong? Is There Something I Should Know?

Boy, tough crowd. If this is how it’s going to be, you better Save A Prayer for me. Okay, I’m done.

(ahem — Hungry Like The Wolf — ahem)

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