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Something something Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy something something (video)

Hummina hummina.

So, uh, this Terry Richardson fellow. If you were not aware, he’s a celebrity fashion photographer whose career of choice affords him not only the ability to ironically wear flannel shirts but also grants him the esteemed pleasure of filming a jiggly Kate Upton dancing. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

Upton is performing a dance called “Cat Daddy,”  which for the uninitiated, uncool individuals such as myself, is defined by Urban Dictionary thusly:

Cat Daddy is the name of a dance used when you dougie. It was created by the Rej3tz who have a song called “Cat Daddy” For this dance, you cross your arms in front of you, then behind then you move your hands in a wheel chair motion while going down low.

You may recall Miss Upton creating quite the sensation last year when she taught the interwebs how to Dougie while attending a Los Angeles Clippers game, so it makes sense that’s she’s enthusiastically enthralling the masses with the Cat Daddy.

I’m sure most of you couldn’t care less about the reasons behind why Upton is bouncing all over the place doing some dance, no matter what its name is or what was its genesis, so how about we cut to the chase and take a gander at Kate Upton doing what she does?

UPDATE: The original video uploaded was “removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.” Darn puritans.

But proving that you can’t keep a good thing down, a replacement video has been uploaded on Vimeo. See it after the jump.


Sweet sassy molassey. That. Is. Incredible. And here I thought the video of Kate Upton hanging out with Oklahoma City Thunder players earlier Tuesday was going to be all the Kate Upton goodness we were going to get today. Turns out I was way off.

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure this little video will be viewed heavily in the coming days, weeks, months, years, eons.

Oh, and one last thing about the video and Terry Richardson: I love how on the YouTube page it’s pointed out that it was “directed by Terry Richardson.” It’s not like it required a Scorsese-esque level of skill to get some good footage. Just keep the camera still and let nature take its course. Crap, even Ed Wood couldn’t have screwed up this scene.

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