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Natalie Gulbis’ patented uber-short skorts subject of photo gallery (pics)

When she’s not turning heads at LPGA Tour events with her stellar golf play, Natalie Gulbis is likely drawing the attention of captivated onlookers courtesy of her customary super-short skorts she routinely competes in. Well, that and her frequent stretching. Mustn’t forget about that, as it causes a bevy of slack-jawed gawking as well.

And given that she’s only won once on the LPGA Tour, her choice in attire has caused some consternation among the traditionalists of the sport. Whether that is fair or not, when the attention paid to her daring hemlines rises to the level of warranting a discussion, not to mention a photo gallery, on, does that mean her dare to wear short skorts has transcended into the realm of sultry sideshow?

Case in point, in’s weekly feature which addresses the “Hot” and the “Not” in the world of golf, Gulbis’ affinity for short skorts falls within the “Not” side of things. So writes Alan Shipnuck:

I didn’t think they could get any punier, but apparently I was wrong. Hey, I’m not a prude, and I have no problem with LPGA players showcasing their attractiveness/athleticism, but Natalie’s hemlines are turning into a sideshow. When we’re studying photos of her tan lines like the Zapruder film, things are definitely getting silly.

Agree? Disagree? Need additional visual documentation of exactly how high up the thigh her skorts get? Judge for yourself below with’s 11-photo study.

Hmm. Looks fine by me. What say you, kid who had his forehead autographed by one Miss Natalie Gulbis?

Yeah, I think he’s cool with her short skorts as well. How about you out there in Internetland?

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