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Kate Upton hangs with Thunder players for ‘Take a Supermodel to Work Day’ (video)

As the first member of Skullcandy’s “Supermodel Crew,” the lovely Kate Upton — heard of her? — filmed this video which depicts Upton’s experiences during her “Take a Supermodel to Work Day,” which involved her hanging out with Oklahoma City Thunder players Kevin Durant and James Harden.

The scoop:

Forget take your kid to work day — today is Take a Supermodel to Work Day. Watch what happens when Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model and member of Skullcandy Supermodel Crew, Kate Upton, goes to work with NBA superstars, and members of the Skullcandy NBA Crew, Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

KD and James aren’t the only lucky ones. Check back to find out who gets to take the rest of the Skullcandy Supermodel Crew to work with them…

Video follows.

Well done. You know, this Kate Upton gal, she really could be going places. Not only because she’s devastatingly gorgeous, but the video shows that she is quite adept at portraying herself as the stereotypical babbling blonde bimbo, which is so obviously an act, right? Yeah, I think so, too. This girl has some serious acting chops, kids. Keep an eye on her. But it’s not like you needed me to tell you that.

[H/T Bob’s Blitz]