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Josh Reddick got up-close look at Red Sox bullpen after flipping over wall (video)

Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick went head-over-heels after his bid to rob Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz’s second home run of the game came up short Monday night, as his momentum carried him over the low right field wall of Fenway Park and crashing down in the bullpen.

Reddick, who was traded from Boston to Oakland in December, nearly tracked down Ortiz’s long fly ball but unfortunately for him, ran out of room which precipitated his collsision with the wall which then resulted in the amusing blooper.

Said Reddick after the game, which the A’s ultimately lost 11-6:

“I scaled it pretty good, and when I jumped, it kind of jackknifed me in half, and that’s all it needed to get a little tip of the glove and go over,” Reddick said. “Tough break.”

Tough break, indeed. But at least Reddick earned some style points due to his efforts. Although that’s likely not any consolation to him.

[H/T Big League Stew]