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Holy drastically rearranged boxer’s face, Batman! (photo)

I’m certainly not an expert in the sweet science, but something tells me the guy on the receiving end of this devastating punch — and the perfectly timed photo that illustrates the havoc it wreaked upon his face — probably didn’t win the fight. Just a hunch.

Turns out said hunch about the aftermath of this rock-em, sock-em straight right punch was spot-on, as the Boxer With The Scrambled Face goes by the name of Tony Pietrantonio, and he indeed lost his bout against Lavarn Harvell on April 28, 2012 after sustaining the brutal shot to the melon.

The punch landed by Harvell occurred 31 seconds into the 3rd round of the fight. A recap of what transpired after Harvell rearranged Pietrantonio’s face, courtesy of the Press of Atlantic City:

Harvell (10-0, 5 KOs) registered a third-round knockout that produced a collective gasp from the crowd. He connected with a right cross that landed flush on Pietrantonio’s chin.

Pietrantonio (7-9, 6 KOs), who accepted the fight on just three days’ notice, was unconscious before he hit the floor.

His head bounced off the canvas and he laid motionless under the ropes with both arms outstretched.

Referee David Fields stopped the bout without a count and immediately motioned for ringside medical personnel.

Ringside physician Dr. Dominic Coletta called for a support board, but it wasn’t needed.

Pietrantonio sat up after a few minutes, climbed onto a stool and then eventually left the ring under his own power.

He was taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, City Campus, as a precaution and was released later Saturday night.

Well, it’s certainly good to know that he was ultimately okay after such a punishing shot, but unfortunately for Pietrantonio, he long will be remembered for being on the receiving end of this punishing moment of pugilism documented so expertly by Reuters photographer Tim Shaffer. Unreal.

How unreal? My guess is if Roger Sterling believed he was watching a title fight in his bathtub as opposed to the 1919 World Series when he was in the throes of his LSD trip, this is how every boxer’s face would have looked. And that’s not a good thing.