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Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu prank called, told he’d been drafted by the Bengals

There are lowdown, dirty and shameful pranks people play, and then there’s what happened to Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu on Thursday night while he anxiously sat through the proceedings with friends and family.

Widely believed to not be first round draft pick material but certainly expected to be off the board by the time rounds 2 and 3 are completed Friday evening, Sanu nonetheless was likely sitting on pins and needles, holding out hope some team would take a flier on him on the first night of the draft.

And then, with the Cincinnati Bengals on the clock with the 27th pick, the phone rang. The person on the other end of the line identified themselves as a member of the Bengals organization and informed Sanu that the team would be taking him with their first-round pick.

Of course, the room erupted in joy, as Sanu’s dreams of being an NFL player had been finally realized. Despicably, the person making the phone call was not from the Bengals organization but was instead a prank caller, a fact that became abundantly apparent when the Bengals drafted Wisconsin offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler. Sanu’s agent, Mike McCartney, prior to the discovery that some jerk deliberately and callously misled his client, even tweeted the news that Sanu was a Cincinnati Bengal.

McCartney adds, via SI: “This is a great kid, I guarantee you, and someone played a cruel joke on him. It is unreal that someone would do that, but it happened.”

For shame. McCartney relayed to Peter King that Sanu took it all in stride and assured his agent he would be fine, even after being mistreated in such a malicious and mean-spirited manner. Hopefully, this kid won’t have to wait long Friday night and he can begin his NFL career and forget about how cruel people can be.