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Rory McIlroy tweets pic of himself putting on the beach as a 2-year-old (photo)

Haha. Usually, when a photo like this surfaces or comes to light, it’s often a parent who is responsible for proudly displaying it, and more often than not, said presentation is much to the embarrassment of the subject of the photo.

But in this case, it was the person in the photo himself who revealed it to the world. That’s right: Rory McIlroy recently tweeted this photo of himself honing his putting skills as a toddler. And even at the spry age of 2, Rory seemed to have a knack for the grand game of golf, in particular the fine art of putting. Well, except for the fact he’s putting in the sand. Other than that, it looks like he had his putting stroke down at a very young age.

And even better for Rory? I bet his special lady friend, Caroline Wozniacki, finds this picture adorable. Always a bonus, I reckon. But don’t let Rory’s parents hear that, as I am certain they have a bevy of bathtub photos sitting in some drawer of young Rory. And those photos, my friends (as I am sure you are also aware) are never welcome when your girlfriend comes visiting.

And finally, one troubling realization for some of you out there in my age group: Rory was two in 1991. Yep. 1991.

(digs out old flannel shirt, puts some Nirvana on, reminisces about high school, realizes how old I am)

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]