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Oh, dread: NY Daily News photo caption misidentifies Dre Kirkpatrick as RG3 (pic)

Awk-ward. As you can see, the above photo snapped at the NFL Draft on Thursday night features number-one overall draft pick and new Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck standing next to cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, whom the Cincinnati Bengals took with the 17th overall pick in the first round.

Unfortunately, the person who captioned the photo for the New York Daily News apparently surmised that if there happened to be a black dude with dreadlocks standing next to Luck at the draft, it just had to be Robert Griffin III. Sadly — and embarrassingly — that was not the case.

Methinks some copywriter/caption writer/whatever who made this enormous gaffe is squirming in his or her supervisor’s office right now, suffering through an unbelievable amount of scrutiny — presumably with lots of profanity sprinkled in — about how they could make such an egregious mistake, and then perhaps inquiring of said supervisor where he or she could wrangle up a box so to better transport the personal contents contained in their desk out the door and straight to the unemployment line. Because, man, that’s some bad news errors right there.