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Nothing to see here, just a guy holding a penis sign during Suns’ postgame show (vid)

The best/worst part? How at the beginning of this particular Phoenix Suns postgame segment — which just so happened to be following quite possibly the last game Steve Nash plays as a member of the team — the penis sign is way on the other side of the crowd from the two signs which bear the words “KOBE” and “SUCKS.” But later, the crafty individual who managed to get a penis sign on a live broadcast moseyed his way across the throngs of humanity in order to stand alongside the “KOBE” and “SUCKS” sign bearers, so by raising the signs in succession…well, I think you can figure that one out for yourselves.

And do you know what? Given Steve Nash’s quirky sense of humor, I bet had he seen it, he would have enjoyed a chuckle over this person’s cleverly executed gumption.

Well played, Person Who Brings A Sign With A Crudely Drawn Penis To Phoenix Suns Postgame Broadcasts. Well played, indeed.