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Australian woman miraculously survived this horrific motocross crash (video)

If somehow she has nine lives like a cat, Emma McFerran, a 23-year-old Australian motocross rider, probably sacrificed eight of them after incredibly surviving this terrifying crash last Sunday at the Superbikes Championships in Darwin.

After launching herself on her bike off a large ramp, everything appears to be in order for McFerran, that is until the bike takes a bit of a nosedive as it and McFerran near the ground. Upon the front tire’s impact, McFerran is violently thrown forward and over the handlebars. And with only a few feet separating her from the asphalt, her upper body is viciously slammed into the ground.

The video features some pretty gnarly footage, so let that be the necessary caveat before viewing. It follows.

Yamma hamma. Actually, beyond yamma hamma. In fact, I don’t think there is a word, a phrase or a sound that can be made that’s adequate and encompasses the nastiness of that crash. Sweet merciful crap, that was awful.

Amazingly, McFerran suffered only a broken wrist, some broken ribs and a punctured lung as a consequence, although she did spend five days in the hospital. And when the words ” broken wrist, some broken ribs and a punctured lung” are preceded by the word “only,” you know what occurred was some pretty crazy stuff, something McFerran understands quite well:

“It was actually the first jump of the day and I was on a bike I hadn’t ridden before and it was faster than what I was used to,” McFerran told Australian TV station ninemsn.

“I remember I didn’t think I was going to be getting up after (crashing) . . . I thought I was going to be seriously injured, maybe even dead.”

Indeed. She better be thanking her lucky stars that she somehow eluded paralysis, maiming, and as she mentions, death as a result of what transpired.

I imagine McFerran, after having such a close call, is ready to put her motorcross days behind her and move on to an activity with much less inherent risk, right? Uh, no:

“I definitely wanna get back out there,” she said.

Good Lord, woman. Even if she did have a cat’s nine lives, she’s only got one left. Probably shouldn’t tempt fate, you know what I mean?