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(Sigh) Flyers players join Canadian ‘rockers’ Nickelback on stage (video)

Yes, I get it. Nickelback is a famous rock band from Canada, and in light of their national heritage, love hockey and are embraced by the NHL community, as evidenced by their inclusion as headliners at the 2012 NHL Awards gala on June 20 in Las Vegas. But that does not mean I have to excuse Philadelphia Flyers players Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Max Talbot and Matt Carle — fresh off dispatching in-state rivals Pittsburgh Penguins from the playoffs — for committing the questionable act of joining the aforementioned “rockers” on stage during the band’s concert Tuesday night at Wells Fargo Center. The fellas also engaged in some t-shirt cannon firing while on stage, putting a fitting topper on the complete decimation of their combined “cool quotient.”

Video (which contains some salty, NSFW language) follows.

Once again, a warning: video contains some NSFW language.

Ugh. As mentioned above, I completely understand that in some corners, Nickelback is considered a cool band, but that does not mean I have to agree with that sentiment. Assembled Flyers players, this is how you remind me that some people have just awful, awful taste in music.

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