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Bubba Watson spoke with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez after Masters win (video)

During an interview with Jason Kennedy of E! News prior to Tim Tebow’s charity golf tournament last weekend, Masters champion Bubba Watson revealed that following his dramatic playoff victory on Easter Sunday, the only person he talked to on the phone was none other than tween pop sensation, Justin Bieber. For real.

“Justin Bieber is the only person I talked to on the phone that night after I won,” Watson said. “He called me and I talked to him on the phone and he and Selena (Gomez) were congratulating me, and it was a big honor that they would both call me and talk to me.”

Now hold on a second. Bubba Watson, fresh off winning the biggest tournament in golf, was lucky enough not only to talk to the Biebs but also chatted with Selena Gomez? Talk about living large. I wonder if Bubba’s given the tweener power couple a ride in his General Lee yet.

Video of the interview (with AutoPlay) follows.

It was known that Bubba and Bieber — the B&B Boys? — previously established a friendship, even golfing together on at least one occasion, but who knew that they were so tight now that of all the people in the world, Bubba elected to take Bieber’s call on that glorious Sunday evening over countless others? In the musical words of Watson’s boy band, the Golf Boys, and their song, “Oh, Oh, Oh,” “swing it like a boomerang-a-tang.”