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Nationals manager Davey Johnson’s presser interrupted by fire alarm (video)

The Washington Nationals have had a tremendous start to the the 2012 MLB season, storming out of the gate with a 9-3 record, good enough for the early lead in the National League East. Prior to the team’s 1-0 win over the Houston Astros on Tuesday, skipper Davey Johnson stepped to the microphone for his pregame press conference, an event that was humorously interrupted by a fire alarm going off at Nationals Park.

While the sound of the alarm and the warnings issued about leaving the building were funny enough, what truly makes this video a hoot is Johnson’s non-reactive reaction. He just sits there stoically, looking around the room, simply waiting for the alarm to stop. It seems like it goes on forever, Johnson staring blankly as the sounding of the siren and the droning voice going “May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please” goes on and on and on, until finally Johnson cracks a bit of a joke about the surreal scene.

Davey Johnson: now here is the kind of guy you want leading you to safety should a real fire ever break out: calm, cool and collected. But maybe a display of a tinge more sense of urgency would be nice, too.

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