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Chicks, Man

Here’s a gallery of Karlie Kloss, the gal who was at Coachella with Sam Bradford

So, the posting schedule here at the Sportress has been a bit sporadic as of late, which means that some juice stories from the world of sport have to be sadly passed on and not discussed, simply because the news cycle has moved on.

Other stories, on the, um, other hand, are compelling enough that they warrant some attention even if they happen to be a few days old. Or better put, some stories provide ample enough reason for me to post a photo gallery of an attractive woman in an act of blatant pandering. This is one of those occasions.

A (seemingly) zooted-out-eyed St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was photographed at Coachella over the weekend with a comely lass on his arm. It was subsequently discovered that said comely lass is one Karlie Kloss, who happens to not only be quite beautiful but also dabbles a bit in the modeling world. So, put two and two together (or more accurately, pro athlete + hot chick) and the sum of that equation is a Karlie Kloss photo gallery. Well, if a photo gallery could be quantified mathematically. You know what I mean.

Enjoy the photos.

Wow. Quite the stunner. Although I’m not going out on a limb here to argue that it might not hurt if the lovely and svelte Miss Kloss mixed in a double cheeseburger or two from time to time.