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Futsal player drops taunting opponent with brutal head kick (video)

For the uninitiated (people such as myself), Futsal is essentially indoor soccer played on a hard surface. A quick perusal of the game’s basic rules and I found nary a mention of the sport being a soccer-kickboxing hybrid, but that didn’t prevent one player to fuse the two seemingly disparate sports together in an over-the-top act of retaliation for an opponent taunting him.

After eluding a slide tackle, the player sporting No. 8 and wearing the white jersey scores a goal. As he struts by the would-be tackler, he looks down on the guy on the ground and apparently had some not-so-nice words for No. 10 in black, something No. 10 clearly did not appreciate, as he quickly gets back on his feet, approaches No. 8 in white and lays the goal scorer out with a deft right roundhouse kick straight to the face, instantly dropping No. 8 to the floor like a bag of dirt. Yamma hamma.

Video follows.

Not surprisingly, No. 10 is ultimately assessed a red card by a referee and escorted off the court, as his victim continues to roll around on the ground in agony.

Jeez Louise, these Futsal players sure are sensitive blokes, wouldn’t you say? At the same time, to give credit where credit is due, No. 10’s kick was textbook in its execution and devastating in its retaliatory act of retribution. If this were a bout on Karate Champ and not a Futsal match, No. 10 definitely would have been awarded a full point for his vicious round kick, which of course would have been accomplished by pushing “up” on the right joystick in the classic arcade game. But I’m sure you guys knew that already.

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