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‘Glee’ star appears on Kimmel, denies love triangle with Tim Tebow, Taylor Swift (vid)

If you are worth your weight in gossipy-internet-Hollywood-celebrity-hearsay-meets-pro-sports-speculation (whatever that means), you have undoubtedly heard about the rumored pairing of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and country music sensation Taylor Swift. The two reportedly dined together at a Los Angeles eatery in February, setting off a firestorm of internet chatter regarding whether or not the two would become the Next Great Celebrity Supercouple.

Things cooled a bit on the Tebow-Swift angle for a time, but then rumors emerged that Tebow was “smitten” with Glee actress Dianna Agron, casting into doubt a possible relationship between Tebow and Swift that somehow had eluded pesky paparazzi photogs and online rumormongers.

(deep breath)

Well, the speculation that there might be a developing love triangle involving Tebow, Swift and Agron were somewhat put to rest after the actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and the host invariably — as it is the most compelling thing about Agron — turned the discussion between the two in that direction. Agron simply stated they share the same agency and have only met briefly (via HuffPo):

“I had a lovely 10-minute chat with him,” she said, summing up their personal relationship.

So Kimmel, wondering how Taylor Swift fit into the story, asked Agron if she was dating her. “Wouldn’t that be juicy,” Agron replied. She then turned to the camera and said, “Hi, Taylor,” and followed it up with a blown kiss.

When Kimmel continued pursuing it, asking if she’d be interested in dating Tim Tebow, Agron shifted the focus to her work, which is her main focus right now. “I’ve got a month left of filming to do,” Agron said. “Quinn’s got some more battles to fight. She might have to like endure something else.”

Oh, Jimmy Kimmel: you cad!

I suppose Agron’s persistent denials about her and Tim Tebow can mean only one thing: Tebow must be involved in a love triangle with Katy Perry and Jenny McCarthy.

But wait. Jenny McCarthy was recently spotted dining with Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. Jeez, what tangled webs these Hollywood types and professional athletes weave.

UPDATE: Tebow has denied the rumors of the love triangle now as well.