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Young Canucks fan sticks out tongue behind bench, wins the internets (video)

Vancouver Canucks fans are rightly licking their wounds Thursday morning after they watched their beloved squad go down by a score of 4-2 to the Los Angeles Kings on home ice inside Rogers Arena Wednesday night in Game 1 of the teams’ playoff series. There also may be some gnashing of teeth up in Vancouver after the Los Angeles Kings used their Twitter account to talk some serious smack and taunt Canucks fans following the game.

But they must remember that it was only the first game of what will likely be a long series and there remains plenty of time for the Canucks to work their way back into the series. Further, Canucks fans can take solace in the development, courtesy of one young fan in attendance at Wednesday night’s game, that while their team lost the game, one of their brethren has won the internets for the day.

Yep, captured above is one wily, tongue-wagging Canucks backer who had a little, vulgar message for Darryl Sutter while the Kings coach was being interviewed on the bench. Given his demonstrative facial expression, one can reasonably assume he’s not a fan of the Kings or Darryl Sutter. And the noise-dampening headphones tie it all together so well.

Video follows.

Now that’s how you send a message, Canucks fans. Simple, clear and concise. No need for interpretation and not over the top like those Vancouver Green Men and their histrionic behavior. Jeez those guys are weird, but I expect we’ll be seeing them in Vancouver’s upcoming home games. It’s a spring tradition, after all.

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