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Semi-pro baseball team in Kansas has best name ever: Liberal Bee Jays

Oh, man. That is gold. While it’s hard difficult to say for certain whether the folks who established the franchise, while sitting at a conference table or whatever in Liberal, Kan., were keenly aware of the fact that naming a franchise in said town “Bee Jays” would result in an unbelievably humorous amount of sexual innuendo. But you have to assume that somebody would have gotten the joke. Right?

Some headlines on the team’s official site are quite a hoot as well: “Baseball America Recognizes Two Bee Jays” and “Final Bee Jay Stats,” to name a few.

It should be pointed out that the Liberal Bee Jays are a successful organization, having won five national championships and doing its part to launch the successful MLB career of Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler. I wonder, after all his big league success, if Kinsler remains a big fan of Bee Jays. I assume he does. In fact, I suspect each and every wife and girlfriend of players on the team get down on their knees every day to give thanks that their beau is playing semi-pro ball in Liberal, Kan.

Lastly, whether the team’s name is the hilarious result of an unintended confluence of a city’s name and the moniker chosen for a sports franchise that plays there or it is a brilliant inside joke, the Liberal Bee Jays are now my new favorite semi-professional baseball team in the world.

Now, where can I order a “I Fully Support Liberal Bee-Jays” t-shirt?

[H/T BuzzFeed by way of Sports Grid]