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Ooh oh my! Mark Cuban invokes his WWE history to reply to Nets owner’s ‘threats’

In one of the silliest — and perhaps only –manufactured (and in jest) blood feud between NBA owners that, fittingly, is worthy of the mention of professional wrestling, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has responded in kind to New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s smack talk from earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Prokhorov was discussing the impending free agency of Nets point guard Deron Williams. Ceding that the team’s main rival in retaining the talented player’s services was none other than the Cuban-owned Mavericks, the Russian billionaire threatened a throwdown and subsequent beatdown should the Mavs owner interfere with his pursuit of Williams by saying, “Let the best man win,” adding, “If he wins, I will crush him in a kickboxing throwdown.”

As expected, Cuban had his own bit of smack talk ready in order to properly respond to Prokhorov’s joking threats, and he did so by invoking his foray into professional wrestling:

“He obviously didn’t see me be the first in WWE history to put Sheamus on the mat,” Cuban replied Wednesday night via email, referring to his guest host appearance on “Monday Night Raw” in 2009. “He knows not what he gets himself into.”

Ha. So, the 6-foot-9 Russian behemoth that is the Nets owner somehow should be intimidated by the fact that Cuban once participated in a fake bout of “sports entertainment,” where on one occasion — that he neglects to mention, instead choosing to focus on his WWE “triumph” — he was slammed through a table? It’s all so silly. One can only assume how absurd this could get, should these two choose to continue their joking, smack-talking shenanigans. Let’s hope they do.