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Caption: Joel Przybilla unhinges jaw, prepares to eat teammate Nolan Smith (pic)

Forget about Chicago Bulls forward Brian Scalabrine retaining the moniker of “White Mamba.” In light of this photo, Portland Trail Blazers big man Joel Przybilla is much more deserving of the nickname. I mean, look at how he is silently stalking his prey. Nolan Smith has virtually no idea he is about to become his teammate’s dinner. Apparently, Smith needs needs to devote less time on his ball-handling skills and more on his snake-handling abilities. Scary.

Goodness gracious, with his snake-like ability to unhinge his jaws like that, not only could Przybilla devour a Trail Blazer, with relative ease, he could probably consume a Chevy Blazer.

[via @elyoregonian]