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Soccer player poses for pic with young fan…while holding an issue of Playboy

Sure, the contents that Santos Laguna defender Felipe Baloy is holding in his hands is partially obscured by the plastic bag the proprietor of the magazine stand kindly placed the skin mag into prior to the soccer player leaving his establishment, but it is nevertheless obvious exactly what is contained therein. Yep, that’s an issue of Playboy. Awkward.

Well, perhaps not so much awkward as bad timing. There is nothing wrong with a grown man purchasing an issue of Playboy, nor is there anything wrong with a beloved player from a Mexican soccer club gladly posing for a photograph with a young fan. It’s just the confluence of those events occurring simultaneously…and then embarrassingly documented with a pic that was subsequently uploaded to the interwebs for all the world to see, that makes the situation awkward.

Other than that, nice job, Felipe Baloy. You made a young fan very happy by taking some time to take a photo with him. And as a reward for his good deeds, he now can relax, take pride that he made a young fan’s day, and idly pass the time enjoying the perusal of his periodicals. A nice day, indeed.

[H/T Dirty Tackle]