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Soccer player has trainer staple up gash on face so he can keep playing (video)

With all the diving and theatrical writhing around on the pitch in mock agony that can occur during a typical soccer match as evidence, many believe that the game of soccer is often played by individuals not accustomed to tolerating the pain involved in playing, say, a more “manly” sport, such as American football.

Obviously, this sad stereotype cannot be further from the truth. Most professional soccer players are remarkable athletes with incredible endurance and a fiery competitiveness that are just as willing to sacrifice their bodies as any other participant in any other “contact” sport. And while there is ample evidence that proves that already, what Barcelona defender Carles Puyol did during a recent match in order to stay in the game ranks him right up there with some of the world’s toughest hockey players.

After taking an elbow to the face from an opponent during Barcelona’s 4-1 win over Real Zaragoza on Saturday that opened up a cut above his right eye, Puyol was directed to the sideline by a referee, despite his attempts to stay in the match. Upon reaching the sidelines, Puyol gestured to a trainer and directed him to close the gash up by any means possible. Which the trainer did, implementing a skin stapler tool, which looks a lot like this instrument, before Puyol returned to the match. Yeesh.

Video follows.

Impressive. Bravo, Carles Puyol. The intestinal fortitude displayed by this guy likely scored marks in the area of toughness for soccer players the world over.

[H/T Off the Bench]