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Red Sox-Blue Jays game interrupted by black Speedo-clad streaker (video/pics)

A not-so-modest fan managed to make his way on to the playing surface during the Boston Red Sox-Toronto Blue Jays match-up at Rogers Centre on Tuesday evening, interrupting the game for a brief spell with his madcap antics. The guy, who can be seen above (via) being led off in cuffs by stadium security and a member Toronto’s finest, had “YOLO” emblazoned across his chest, which is apparently a nod to the new and hip motto “You Only Live Once” which allegedly has been made popular courtesy of a hit song by Drake, which I would know nothing about as I’m not hip to the jive of the youngsters and as any Seinfeld aficionado would tell you, any chance you get to mention how you “hate the Drake” is a good day.

More photos and two videos documenting this goofball’s gallivanting around the field before he is taken by security down with great impunity follow.

Via @jeskeets (by way of Sports Grid):


And finally, two videos.

Bravo, Black Speedo Streaker Man. Hope a night in the clink wearing only your underwear, socks and shoes was worth it.