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Guy dressed as marijuana leaf kicked out of Blue Jays home opener (video)

It has been an eventful couple of days at Rogers Centre during the Toronto Blue Jays home opener series against the Boston Red Sox. On Tuesday night, there was a black Speedo-wearing streaker that delighted — or annoyed — folks in attendance, as well as a wee lad sneaking some sips off a frosty brew in the stands.

Apparently, the tomfoolery didn’t begin on Tuesday night, as video has surfaced of a fan dressed up as a giant marijuana leaf getting escorted out of the stadium by security on Monday during the home opener, despite the presence of a ticket in his sticky-icky hands.

Catcalls from passersby accusing security of discrimination can be audibly heard in the video, but if you ask me, that might be a tad much. If anything, all security personnel were doing was harshing one guy’s mellow who just so happened to be dressed in a pot leaf costume. but that in and of itself is not cool, man.

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