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Carmelo Anthony looked especially dapper before Tuesday night’s Knicks game (pic)

Looking good, Carmelo Anthony. Looking good. It takes considerable fashion gravitas to pull of the multi-buttoned suit coat over the buttoned cardigan look without it appearing, well, too button-ey. Throw in the bow tie and Knicks-colored headphones and more often than not one would have the makings of an overly busy ensemble.

But we’re talking about the very fashion forward Carmelo Anthony, and not only did the New York Knicks forward pull it off, he did so with aplomb, panache and whatever other fashion-centric term you want to throw in there. I only hope he doesn’t take his pet camel out for a walk in that getup. The contrast of colors and textures would likely whip up that animal into a frenzy.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the Knicks lost to the Rose-less Chicago Bulls by a score of 98-86 at the United Center, showing that a winning style doesn’t always translate into a winning performance. Or something.

[H/T @cjzero]