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Brian Urlacher, Jenny McCarthy spotted leaving Beverly Hills steakhouse (video)

Thankfully, TMZ must have a member of its paparazzi militia posted at every hotspot in SoCal, as a foot solider armed with a camera snagged video of Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and former Playboy Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy attempting to sneak out of “one of the most expensive steak joints in town,” Mastro’s, on Tuesday evening. It’s relevant that Mastro’s is expensive as both of these people are living check-to-check, which adds to the seriousness of the dinner date.

The possible couple tried their best to go unnoticed leaving the steakhouse by exiting out a back door and slipping into a waiting SUV, but it takes more than that to elude the prying eyes of the TMZ troops. Better luck next time, Urlacher and McCarthy. Or should I call them, Urlarthy or Mclacher? Meh. Both of those celebrity names are terrible. These two, if they in fact end up dating, will never last. Too bad, as I imagine Urlacher — like many of us who are near or in his age group — grew up loving McCarthy’s work on MTV’s Singled Out. There truly is nothing like an attractive woman smelling her armpits all of the time.