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Arkansas fans protest Petrino firing with motorbike ride with blow-up dolls (pics)

Well, that’s certainly one way to show solidarity and support with your favorite football team’s recently ousted coach. Maybe not the most appropriate or tasteful way, but an amusing way nonetheless.

In a way, the images of Arkansas Razorbacks fans scooting around town on the their motorcycles (or scooters) with blonde, blow up dolls as passengers is a lot like that one scene from Mannequin, only, you know, funny. The lack of the presence of Andrew McCarthy will usually help that along.

Another photo of the Sleazy Riders as they make their “Free Bobby Petrino” trek around the streets of the Arkansas campus follows.

Ride on, brothers. Ride on.

Not that I want to know either way, but I certainly hope these fellows didn’t try to recreate the Taiwanese Animation Treatment of Petrino’s ill-fated motorcycle ride. That would be downright dangerous. And a little pervy.

[via @cbahn, by way of SB Nation]